About AZP Wedding Video & Photography

Hi, this is Adam and welcome to my wedding website. I first began working as a videographer with a hand in 3D animation during my years in college. But soon, I would discover my passion for photography between working with various artists over the years and seeing the world from behind the lens of a camera. Capturing the essence of that perfect moment continues to inspire and drive me to help people celebrate this timeless segment of their lives.

AZP Wedding Video and Photography was conceived on the premise of Creating Beautiful Imagery. A conversation that has stayed with me for some time began with a simple question, “Do you take photos, or create images?” This question made me realize just how delicate the balance was between simply taking a photo, or adding one’s own artistic vision to compliment the image being captured. I feel this quality is what makes our services the best they can possibly be and what makes us stand out from the crowd. As a photographer for some time, I have realized that as a photographer we hold a great responsibility. We are the architect of the plan that will take your events to a better place visually, not just in terms of the achievement of a satisfied client, but also in terms of the fulfillment of our basic, as well as our more complex needs as artists behind the lens. The greatest part of being an artist is not only to create, but to awe at the symbolic imagery being conveyed on whatever chosen median.

We can assist you with different aspects of your Event Planning needs through the various services we offer. Our photographers are always professional, courteous and try to keep as low a profile as possible, while still finding those amazing shots. Leading up to the ceremony your personal wedding photograpgher or videographer will spend time with each side of the wedding parties in order to encapsulate your story, from different perspectives, since the beginning of it all. Our DJs will work With you in creating a playlist that weaves your tale together, coupled with a sound system that can supply beautiful, crisp sound for up to 500 guests. Leaving you to enjoy your day without all the fuss.

***UPDATE! We have opened a new studio for portrait sessions, proms, engagement/wedding shoots, studio rentals, and more! Operating under the name Light Leak Studios, we have partnered with Unitas Photography and ALMV to offer our clients and future clients only the best!                                Check out www.connectedrealities.space for more info!

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