Shortly after your betrothed has popped the question, you will undoubtedly have a moment where someone will ask, “So, when’s the big day?” Whether you have thought about this very question for a decade or you haven’t thought about it all until you got engaged, setting the date for the wedding is without a doubt one of the biggest decisions you will make during your wedding planning. The wedding date will set the theme, tone and ambiance—and maybe even the cost of your big event. So, how do you choose when your wedding will be? What sorts of things will you need to take into account? How will it affect the rest of the plans? Here are a few ways to help you and your future spouse decide what time of year to get married.

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Plan for wedding

wedding plan on calendar and heart shape

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Congratulations! You’re newly married and starting your first year as a married couple. Your wedding is over and maybe you even caught a flight to your dream destination for a beautiful honeymoon where you could enjoy the afterglow. But now you’re back home and starting life again. Feels a bit weird, huh? Here are seven keys to a happy first year of marriage to keep in mind.

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Almost every weekend from late April into into September sees a wedding. Summer is single-handedly the most popular season for tying the knot, and it’s no mystery why. However, even with all of the advantages to getting married in warmer weather, there are a few do’s and don’ts you should consider before it comes time to walk down the aisle.

Do’s and Don’ts of Summer Weddings

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Good morning everyone!!! I wanted to post this here to keep this discount universal across all my different sites!!
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7 Wedding Hacks to Keep You Under Budget


Hey everyone!!! I periodically post on this blog as I come across advice, tips, or just interesting articles related to everything weddings!
I hope you all find these tips to be useful while planning your wedding day! Here are some helpful hacks to keep you under budget while planning your special day!! Check back periodically for new and exciting tips and hacks to make your wedding day as unique and special as it should be!!!

Feel free to email me with any ideas you or anyone may have, in hopes to benefit other couples planning their weddings.

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This artist has found a pretty unique way of light painting with his clients. Also the lens distortion pack is a great additive!

Light Painting with Eric Paré

Light Paint

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A perfect look for the winter bride and groom to be.

A perfect table-scape look for the winter bride and groom to be. This romantic  color palette used here resembles a Christmas theme.  The color scheme of a wedding can really add or take away from the guests’ experience, so as much as you might not care or think it matters on color….. it definitely matters. To me this has a slight hint of old timey too. What do you think, fab or drab?

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I’ve recently stumbled upon a website that’s great if your looking for wedding services!!! floods my email box with so many brides and grooms searching for a photographer or videographer. All you have to do is place a bid and thumbtack does the rest. There is virtually no selling involved, which makes it that much easier for the photographer with the not so good sales pitches. It is definitely worth checking out, it’s like ebay for photographers and videographers.



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These are some pretty awesome ideas for taking some creative approaches to designing your wedding…. This just scratches the surface as to some areas to explore when designing!

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This is a sugar lover’s HEAVEN!! If I were the photographer at this wedding I wouldn’t of left this beauty without devouring every inch of it first… lol

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